Golf simulator at Baypoint Sports Club

Golf simulator at Baypoint Sports Club

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GOLFZON VISION is currently the most advanced golf simulator for homes and businesses. It was co-developed with tour professionals and golf instructors, providing the most realistic golf experience. If you are looking for a golf simulator GOLFZON is the premier golf simulator in the market today.

GOLFZON’s 3D graphics technology vividly captures life-like details of famous golf courses. Sensors accurately measure club and ball movement to visually project the most natural ball trajectory.

We now have this amazing technology at The Bay Point Sports Club. So please come along and see how good the experience is!!! Only 2 hours for 18 holes for 6 players and only cost £25 per hour.

It suits all players from beginners who just want to hit some balls and practice to playing The Home of Golf – St Andrews.

You can book this amazing experience by contacting:

01304 613022

We look forward to seeing you at the best Golf Simulator on the South Coast.