New Classes in the Fitness timetable

New Classes in the Fitness timetable

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Tuesday at 6pm BoxFit with Dave

Wednesday at 6:30pm HiiT with Dave

Wednesday at 7pm Ground Reaction – Dave

Thursday at 6pm LIFT with Jennie

This is a weight based workout class targeting all of your major muscle groups. Using light to moderate weights with high repetitions, we will put you through your paces and achieve maximum results. You will be guided, motivated, and encouraged by our instructor throughout, whilst achieving strength and Lean body conditioning. This additive class has great music that will help drive and inspire you to lift. Leaving you feeling worked and satisfied, yet wanting to come back for more. Let's Get Lifting!

STARTING Monday 25th February at 7pm: Dance Fit with Jennie

is a fun filled, high spirited classes. A great way to get fit without even realising your doing it! This classes is designed for all abilities, you can take the high or low impact options to make it your own.

With great music from all genres, you'll be taken on a journey into all styles of dance, where the fun never ends!